Saturday, December 31, 2011

I like my cupcakes...LUCKY

Too many people now a days over look the most amazing handmade products to go for cheaper convenient mass produced crap.  I have an addiction to handmade amazingness.  In an effort to get people out of marts and buying from people who put EFFORT, LOVE, and TALENT in their products I'll be showcasing some of my favorite people/companies.
First up Lucky Cupcake Hairclips!!  I LOVE Joy she is freaking awesome and keeps me looking and feeling like a rock star.  Anyone who knows me knows I love all things pinup and this year plan on doing more pinup photo shoots.  I've messaged with her on products and not only is she super sweet she cares about her customers.  I truly look forward to creating custom pinup hair clips with her and the photographs they help produce.  When I make it to 10 followers I'm going to give away one of her hair bows. Hmmm now which one do I buy y'all?
I'm totally excited to use the pickle sleeve on July 4th.  Don't hate.

My super awesome necklace

Best tasting cupcakes are lucky. (Note necklace not actually edible, duh)