Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles and Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

Hello Lovies!
Really long day and finally free from a bad job!!  Now I only have one LOL.  Just going through my last Influenster vox box.  I already reviewed it some for you and realized I hadn't discussed the Insoles or Hair Ribbons yet!  How could I hold back on such awesomeness??

First up Dr. Scholl's for her High Heel Insoles.  Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the insoles before I put them in my shoes.

color of the year love EMERALD!

I have very very few pair of heels simply because I can't wear them without pain.  Oh and the fact I'll fall flat on my face doesn't help either.  So I was excited/skeptical when I saw these in the box.  I knew I wanted to try them in my beloved, yet lonely emerald heels.  They fit well and I really enjoyed the support the insoles provided.  I found them to be comfortable for twice as long as heels on their own.  I personally wouldn't try wearing them to a full day of work but a special occasion OH YES!

I really think these will benefit all of my heel love friends.  They are allowing me to expand my wardrobe.  I'd give these insoles a solid B+

Next we have Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics.  I wear my hair up almost every day simply because it is hot and I do a lot of running around in my job.  As someone with chronic migraines finding a product that works without being too tight is very important to me.
hair up for makeup!

I had previously tried a different brand of hair elastics, but they are only sold online so I was really excited to be receiving some from such an easily accessible brand such as goody!  These were a bit smaller than the other company I tried so getting a snug fit was hard.  I don't recommend them for a messy bun or for an all day pony tail.  I do, however, love them for braids and pulling my hair back to do my makeup.  They are also great to throw on your wrist for an updo in a pinch.  I would like to point out that people with thinner hair may find this product the perfect size for all of their elastics needs.  I do recommend it.  I give this product an A. 

I've really missed blogging and am setting a goal to do it more often.  Hopefully that works out for us LOL

*All items were received from Influenster complimentary for review purposes*

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

Holy Cow Loves!
I can't believe it is already July!!  I was so super excited to get notification about another VoxBox from influenster!

This was there sunkissed box which included Olay Fresh Effects BB cream.  I was super glad they included a mini survey that asked about skin tone because I'm a shade away from being clear and it matched perfectly!

My first impressions were A. Seriously fresh scent and B. way thicker than other BBs!
pigmentation scared me!
But after using it as foundation for one of my promoter looks for the Amazing Dark Heart Designs I must say it delivers well for the price point! ($12.99)

I found it to be wonderfully light; perfect for summer looks.  I wouldn't call it full coverage but in 100 degree heat you'll seat on full coverage anyways.
I would highly recommend this for all my beauty buddies as it combines 6 skin care benefits in one easy and freshly scented step!  It provides 24hr hydration, a splash of sheer color (I'd call it sheer to medium), SPF 15 for sun protection, evens skin tone, refreshes dullness, and perfects your skin!

You can buy it at most mass retailers but can also be found online at and for those girls on the go.  Have you tried this product?  What were your thoughts

*This item was received complimentary for review purposes*

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Anchors Away, Papa

With sad tidings and a heavy heart I begin this blog.  I've been telling myself this post has been put off because of my being sick, but in being honest with myself its because posting this makes it even more real.  Any of you who really know me know that my Grandfather, My Papa, has been in failing health and that I've been dreading his inevitable passing. 
   On February 18th, 2013 my fears were realized and my beloved Papa passed gracefully from this life into my Granny's open and awaiting arms.  I feel a large hole in my chest now that doesn't seem to be healing any time soon.  It is almost like loosing a leg or an arm.  Something important that has been there your whole life and suddenly you are forced to learn to live without it.  All logic and good sense in me knows that it was his time and he was more than ready, but the little girl in me just wants one more hug from her Papa.
 Never again will I here his classic "Yello" on the other end of the phone or hear his renditions of Old Bill Groggins Goat and Hot Rod Lincoln.  Never will I hear a meal called "Good Cracker" or be reminded to pray before a meal lest I want a bellyache.  No more Christmas Eve Gift calls or birthday calls.  No more hours of stories and family history.  I'll never again fall asleep to the unique whirl only his ceiling fans can create.  No more lefty and May baby jokes that only he and I could make.  No more surprise breaks at work listening to prices of things in his day.  So many things that I'll never get again and so much knowledge I'll never get to gain.
   Sometimes I find true happiness and peace in knowing he isn't in pain and back with his true love; and mostly that one day I'll see him again.  More often I feel a tightness, a lump in my throat I just can't swallow.
Papa was the definition of what a man was.  He never met a stranger and everyone loved him.  He was the best passenger in my car because he was simply excited to sit back and enjoy the ride.

   I'm so thankful for all I learned from him.. How to be a good person and an honest Christian.  That we all fall off the path but its getting back on it that matters.  He taught me to be a bargain shopper and to not waste anything.  He taught me that nothing beats a good burger and a coke.
      The most important thing I learned was from both my Granny and Papa and its that true love does exist.  There is no way to measure the love he had for his family, and for his Dottie. I will never settle for anything less than undying love.  Even 6yrs after she passed Papa never stopped loving or missing her.  I hear people say they want a love like Ali and Noah from the notebook, I want a love like T.K and Dottie.  Expect more stories and memories as I try to heal my heart so that I may continue to spread his love. 

    I'll never stop missing or or being a Papa's girl.  RIP Tommy Joe. Anchors Away, Papa  <3

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Face Mask and the Blotches

Hello Loves!
   Another influenster post!! This one is about Montagne Jeunesse face masks.  I've tried several different varieties of this brand.  They are cheap and wonderful for a night of pampering and relaxation.

I was sent the deep cleaning mud mask for acne prone skin.  I was a bit thick and smelled odd but there was no burning when I applied.
So my face felt a bit tighter after I removed the mask which was great.  Then about an hour later I noticed red blotches all over my face.  I thought maybe it was a reaction to the tightness and shrugged it off.  The next day they were still there and so dark I couldn't cover it with concealer/foundation/powder. 

   I will continue to buy these masks but never this type again.  Total grade F.  I want to remind you all that I received the item free for review/testing purposes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mad about Concrete

Evening Dolls!
   Brrrrr writing this cuddled under a blanket and with fuzzy PJs on!  We had a Thundersnow this morning and it was beautiful, but this girl isn't made for cold.  This cold weather is keeping me in and catching up on some of my favorite things makeup, baking, and reading!
   I've been eye one company for literally months now and they came out with this gorgeous limited edition color that was only available until December 31st. I resisted and was so very proud of myself!  Until December 30th when I caved like the first little pigs house.  *sigh*  I REGRET NOTHING!
   So this company I speak of is Concrete Minerals.  I've been drooling over their pro matte line since it released so I indulged!  I ordered Angel Dust (Limited Edition), Rocked, and a blogger package (Hi-Fi, Gossip, Toxic, and Bruise).  I also received free samples of Hustle and Daydream.  I almost bought daydream instead of rocked so I was super excited to see that sample.
   Two other times I have used matte shadows one was awful and one was just a swatch, so I was very nervous to try these. First impression...THEY ARE AMAZING.  I sat down just intending to swatch these bold beauties but I fell in love them so much I HAD to do a look.  I realize it isn't perfect but these shadows are simply amazing.
The left side is bare skin and right side over Nyx Milk.  Top to bottom Toxic, Hi-Fi, Bruise, and Gossip.
With Flash

All of the colors apply extremely well even for non pros like myself.  Gossip is a little light on bare skin but I think that adds to its charm.  Best part NONE of them stain.  I felt the makeup on for a few hours after photos, I'd like to say to test it but honestly its because I loved the look so much.

For this I used Toxic underneath and in the inner corner, Hi-Fi on inner lid/crease, and Bruise on outer lid/crease.  I used MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow in Preferred Blonde (Limited Edition) as brow highlight.  And I used Dark Heart Designs blush in Summertime Sadness (one of my all time favorite blushes). Since I get asked a lot for my nude lip combo I use Revlon lipstick in 070 soft nude with Revlon lipgloss in 150 peach petal on top.
Like Mattes? Buy these you'll thank me later.

Now on to the mineral shadows.  I love them just as much and really love the shades I got for spring.  They are soft and delicate like spring flowers.

No Flash
Like the other swatches left side is bate skin while right is over Nyx Milk.  Top to bottom Daydream, Angel Dust, Rocked, and Hustle.  Just as amazing as the pro mattes, but with out of this world shimmer.  Angel dust is sheer but build-able and makes me rethink my hatred of purple.

Yes I'm aware I needed to blend better but I was in a hurry and loving these colors.  I used Daydream on inner lid/crease, Angel Dust on outer lid/crease and underneath, and Rocked for brow highlight.  I again used Dark Heart Designs blush in Summertime Sadness.  For lips I used Dark Heart Designs Love Bites lipstick.

In short I need to own all the concrete minerals line because it is truly fab!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goody Goody

Evenin Loves!
   The next super fabulous product I want to share with you is the Goody QuickStyle brush.  It claims to take 30% of the water out of your hair dramatically deceasing drying time.
   I have super girly hair and tons of it.  It takes FOREVER to dry.  Blow drying? Forget about it!  When I saw the brush in the stores I really wanted it but was saving money for the holidays so when I heard it was in the Holiday VoxBox I did an audible SQUEEEE.  Dorky?  Maybe, but you should know that about me by now.
  So the first night I had the box I cracked this bad boy open and held my breath as I tried it.  I've had a few ladies ask me how this worked.  Let me tell you 100% honestly...THIS WORKS AWESOMELY!!!  I love the brush.  My only downside is that it is the round brush and not the paddle.  I can't say this will work for everyone but its fabulous for me.  I actually want to try it with a hair dryer.  I just have to buy one.  Yeah  I know you are all gasping in horror, but I truly do not own a hair dryer but this brush is making me consider getting one.
    Get this brush.  Let me know if it works for your hair type.  I'm curious to see if it works for my thin haired ladies as well!  I received this item for free for Testing and Reviewing Purposes.  Want to get in these voxboxes?  Influenster Website

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dresses for...your NAILS?!?

I'm so loving my holiday Vox Box from Influenster.  With my crazy nail polish collection you know I was super excited to try the nail dress!

I got "babydoll"
There are many stickers in the box and even enough to do a mani/pedi combo.
I think they are beautiful and easy to apply but I use my hands a lot and could only keep them on for about 2 hours

I do have to remind you that I did receive these for free to review.  I'd buy more on my own though and my bestie sent me a set for Christmas!