Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles and Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

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Really long day and finally free from a bad job!!  Now I only have one LOL.  Just going through my last Influenster vox box.  I already reviewed it some for you and realized I hadn't discussed the Insoles or Hair Ribbons yet!  How could I hold back on such awesomeness??

First up Dr. Scholl's for her High Heel Insoles.  Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the insoles before I put them in my shoes.

color of the year love EMERALD!

I have very very few pair of heels simply because I can't wear them without pain.  Oh and the fact I'll fall flat on my face doesn't help either.  So I was excited/skeptical when I saw these in the box.  I knew I wanted to try them in my beloved, yet lonely emerald heels.  They fit well and I really enjoyed the support the insoles provided.  I found them to be comfortable for twice as long as heels on their own.  I personally wouldn't try wearing them to a full day of work but a special occasion OH YES!

I really think these will benefit all of my heel love friends.  They are allowing me to expand my wardrobe.  I'd give these insoles a solid B+

Next we have Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics.  I wear my hair up almost every day simply because it is hot and I do a lot of running around in my job.  As someone with chronic migraines finding a product that works without being too tight is very important to me.
hair up for makeup!

I had previously tried a different brand of hair elastics, but they are only sold online so I was really excited to be receiving some from such an easily accessible brand such as goody!  These were a bit smaller than the other company I tried so getting a snug fit was hard.  I don't recommend them for a messy bun or for an all day pony tail.  I do, however, love them for braids and pulling my hair back to do my makeup.  They are also great to throw on your wrist for an updo in a pinch.  I would like to point out that people with thinner hair may find this product the perfect size for all of their elastics needs.  I do recommend it.  I give this product an A. 

I've really missed blogging and am setting a goal to do it more often.  Hopefully that works out for us LOL

*All items were received from Influenster complimentary for review purposes*

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