Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Day of Summer Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My giveaway is over.  Congrats Laura!!!!  Bummed because you didn't win?  Try this awesome nail polish giveaway!!! 


  1. Happy Midsummer!! :D
    My favorite thing about summer is roasting marshmallows, campfires, and fireworks!

  2. Hey! So, I have what I would like to call a... seasonal addiction. During the summer I can drink Redbull like water, but can't stand it any other season. Weird?

  3. My favorite thing about summer is just how beautiful everything is! My hubby's grandmother has a home on Lake Huron and everything is gorgeous, from the blue water, green grass, hummingbirds and flowers!

  4. Staying up late and enjoying this beautiful weather with the kids. Playing and rocking the socks all day.... The kids get to visit their other half for weeks and I get to relax for days.lol these are the easy days and sipping on some bay area summer weather beverages while tanning at the park or beach.BBQ'n it up with good friends and good music..... wait let's not forget the best grilled food by me.lol thnx n HAVE THE BEST SUMMER EVEEEEEEERR!!!!! XOXO ALWAYS MEEEEEEEEE ATHENA JAMES