Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goody Goody

Evenin Loves!
   The next super fabulous product I want to share with you is the Goody QuickStyle brush.  It claims to take 30% of the water out of your hair dramatically deceasing drying time.
   I have super girly hair and tons of it.  It takes FOREVER to dry.  Blow drying? Forget about it!  When I saw the brush in the stores I really wanted it but was saving money for the holidays so when I heard it was in the Holiday VoxBox I did an audible SQUEEEE.  Dorky?  Maybe, but you should know that about me by now.
  So the first night I had the box I cracked this bad boy open and held my breath as I tried it.  I've had a few ladies ask me how this worked.  Let me tell you 100% honestly...THIS WORKS AWESOMELY!!!  I love the brush.  My only downside is that it is the round brush and not the paddle.  I can't say this will work for everyone but its fabulous for me.  I actually want to try it with a hair dryer.  I just have to buy one.  Yeah  I know you are all gasping in horror, but I truly do not own a hair dryer but this brush is making me consider getting one.
    Get this brush.  Let me know if it works for your hair type.  I'm curious to see if it works for my thin haired ladies as well!  I received this item for free for Testing and Reviewing Purposes.  Want to get in these voxboxes?  Influenster Website

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