Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mad about Concrete

Evening Dolls!
   Brrrrr writing this cuddled under a blanket and with fuzzy PJs on!  We had a Thundersnow this morning and it was beautiful, but this girl isn't made for cold.  This cold weather is keeping me in and catching up on some of my favorite things makeup, baking, and reading!
   I've been eye one company for literally months now and they came out with this gorgeous limited edition color that was only available until December 31st. I resisted and was so very proud of myself!  Until December 30th when I caved like the first little pigs house.  *sigh*  I REGRET NOTHING!
   So this company I speak of is Concrete Minerals.  I've been drooling over their pro matte line since it released so I indulged!  I ordered Angel Dust (Limited Edition), Rocked, and a blogger package (Hi-Fi, Gossip, Toxic, and Bruise).  I also received free samples of Hustle and Daydream.  I almost bought daydream instead of rocked so I was super excited to see that sample.
   Two other times I have used matte shadows one was awful and one was just a swatch, so I was very nervous to try these. First impression...THEY ARE AMAZING.  I sat down just intending to swatch these bold beauties but I fell in love them so much I HAD to do a look.  I realize it isn't perfect but these shadows are simply amazing.
The left side is bare skin and right side over Nyx Milk.  Top to bottom Toxic, Hi-Fi, Bruise, and Gossip.
With Flash

All of the colors apply extremely well even for non pros like myself.  Gossip is a little light on bare skin but I think that adds to its charm.  Best part NONE of them stain.  I felt the makeup on for a few hours after photos, I'd like to say to test it but honestly its because I loved the look so much.

For this I used Toxic underneath and in the inner corner, Hi-Fi on inner lid/crease, and Bruise on outer lid/crease.  I used MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow in Preferred Blonde (Limited Edition) as brow highlight.  And I used Dark Heart Designs blush in Summertime Sadness (one of my all time favorite blushes). Since I get asked a lot for my nude lip combo I use Revlon lipstick in 070 soft nude with Revlon lipgloss in 150 peach petal on top.
Like Mattes? Buy these you'll thank me later.

Now on to the mineral shadows.  I love them just as much and really love the shades I got for spring.  They are soft and delicate like spring flowers.

No Flash
Like the other swatches left side is bate skin while right is over Nyx Milk.  Top to bottom Daydream, Angel Dust, Rocked, and Hustle.  Just as amazing as the pro mattes, but with out of this world shimmer.  Angel dust is sheer but build-able and makes me rethink my hatred of purple.

Yes I'm aware I needed to blend better but I was in a hurry and loving these colors.  I used Daydream on inner lid/crease, Angel Dust on outer lid/crease and underneath, and Rocked for brow highlight.  I again used Dark Heart Designs blush in Summertime Sadness.  For lips I used Dark Heart Designs Love Bites lipstick.

In short I need to own all the concrete minerals line because it is truly fab!

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