Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dorothy Ann

Wasn't she beautiful?

 Hello my lovelies!  This post is dedicated to my Grandmother and the regrets I carry about not getting to know her. Oh what I'd give to go back in time and ask her about life.  About her mother like what kind of perfume she wore.What immigrating was like.  I want to know what her brother was like and I want to hear her naval stories.  I want to hear her side of her courtship with Papa. I want to hear her dreams and accomplishments; the things she never got to do.  I want to know what it was like to be a woman in the 50's.  Dishes her mother cooked.  Her K-mart stories.  What I'd give to have one of her frozen bananas or holiday sugar cookies.  We make those every year yet they just don't taste the same.  I can't smell the perfume exclamation without thinking of her warming loving hugs. I still remember the exact moment I realized what I'd missed out on by not talking to her more.  The day of her funeral we stopped at a store to get a paper with her obituary in it and when I turned to the page and saw the picture (the one I posted in here first) I saw the beautiful young girl and wow! what I life his woman must have lead.  I stare at this picture a lot and imagine the kind of teenager she was.  Movies and music she liked.  I know someday I will see her again and will get to learn all of these things and more. RIP My beautiful Granny I love and miss you.
Granny and Papa the year they were married.

I think she could have been a model.

My second fave picture of her. I'd love to recreate this someday.

She was one of the first female radio airmen in the navy!

This was Granny as I remember her...and with her clowns lol.

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