Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to the Attic!

Well hello my lovelies

This blog will likely remain my pretty little pet that most people doesn't know exists.  Which is perfectly fine by me.  If you have stumbled upon my little slice of chaos I'm sorry (just kidding!). This is a space for pictures, links, crafts, venting, daily life babble that I feel should be saved on a web page. I'm an eclectic person.  I love all things crafty, vintage, modern, photographic, interesting, and much more.  No my name isn't Dotty, its Elizabeth. Nice to meet you!  Dotty was my beautiful grandmother (Granny) whom I miss dearly. As you will later hear more about she helped me become who I am today and in ways she didn't even know. I have many regrets of not asking to her stories of her life when I had the chance, and refuse to make the same mistake again.  One of my many joys in life is sitting with my Papa and listening to stories of being in the navy; of meeting my Granny.  Listening to our crazy family history and whats wrong with the world today (lol). I suppose I should end this welcome here and start on bigger better posts.  So again Welcome.  Stay awhile and Enjoy!


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