Tuesday, May 31, 2011

25 Things Before I turn 25!

25 Things before I turn 25.
Its always nice to have goals so why not have 25 small goals to complete in a year?  I think I can do this and am so excited to share it with you.
Edits in red
1. Get a DSLR. Purchased November 25th, 2011. Canon Rebel T3 LOVE IT

2. Go on a road trip. Done may 20-22 with my friend Erin.
Road Trip!!!

3. Start a blog. Done may 25th Dotty's Attic.

4. Get 25 followers on my blog.

5. Get a crochet bow. (yes I want one that bad lol) One of my oldest and closest friends Erin made me several for christmas
Love my bows

6. Get lost for a day and love every moment of it

7. Write at least one new poem.

8. See someone I miss and haven't seen in 5+ years.  Done may 21st. My Kaykay :)

9. Learn a new crafty thing such as knitting, felting, crocheting etc.

10. Buy a pretty dress that makes me feel amazing.

11. Go on a picnic.

12. Stress less.

13. Spend more time with important people. I will continue to work on this but I'm happy with how the amount of time I spend with people has grown.

14. Laugh more (who am I kidding I laugh all the dang time).

15. Worship and praise God more.

16. Uncover one amazing antique treasure. While shopping in Austin I found the perfect pyrex bowl.  Its the smaller version of the one my parents got for their wedding!!

17. Buy more handmade things. I now have a crazy hair bow addiction you will all get to experience

18. Add a unique duckie to my collection. (Don't hate).

19. Use every color of nail polish I own at least once.

20. Make a super amazing shirt for the craft fair next year. Won't be making the next craft fair in order to save money for fabulous trips!

21. See a movie at a drive-in.

22. Visit a place outside of Texas.

23. Add 5 new faces to my photography portfolio.

24. Get a pair of killer shoes.
I adore them!

25. Get a birdcage and paint it to be beautiful.

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