Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cliche New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Lovelies!
*Insert annoying party blower here*
I hope all of you were very safe last night and rang in the new year in style.  Whats new years without resolutions?  Lots of whining lately about "why does it take a day to better your life" blah blah blah.  To me its a starting place to measure how long it takes to implement the things I want.  I'm not making a new me because lets face it I'm awesome; I'm making a better happier me.

I'd really love to get healthier.  By that I mean I would like to lose weight but for the purpose to prolong my awesome life because I already look fabulous.
Take more pictures.  I love how beautiful they are and the memories they create.
Blog more.  Aren't you lucky?
Travel more!

I think those are reasonable and highly attainable. Stay Tuned for my progress!!

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