Saturday, January 7, 2012

New years resolutions a week later...and a couple more

Evening Lovelies
  Well here we are a week later its about time for all those new years resolutions to start petering off and lives to return to normal....except mine.  Four solid days of drinking mostly lemon water (with one Dr. Pepper indulgence a day) and I feel phenomenal!  Start more working out on Monday and in February I'm joining a gym with several work out buddies YAYYYY.  Trip planning is going well and Ive gotten to see some really important people. 
EXCITED (source)   
I'd also like to add to my resolutions.  I want red hair this year
Want it BEFORE Portland
I want to have a photo shoot with my Erin as the photographer and another as Cherry DeVine.
Get my dad addicted to facebook
Via Google Images
Anddddd make a family tree!
Via Google Images.

This week I'll be making my family famous Hidden Treasure cookies.  Be watching for the recipe they are so good with a few variations!

And one last thing for the evening.  Yesterday I had a huge scare lost my wallet with cash, debit card, and company card.  I was flipping out but it was found, PHEW! And all my stuff was in it including my cash.  Take notice of the small blessings people.  Be thankful for them and the people that help create them.

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  1. I am so glad I could help sweetheart :)
    It made my day better just to help u!