Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Cure For Anger

Howdy Loves!
Stress seems to be running rampant among my family, friends, coworkers, and general population.  Tempers are short and feelings are sensitive which is a bad combination.  Recently a situation at work left me in tears and full of frustration.  Now everyone has a favorite outlet for anger.  Many smoke, some drink, and others partake in physical activites (whether it be exercise or breaking things).  Me?  I bake.

That is right any of you slight me you'll not end up with a black eye but a plate of cookies.  OK maybe you won't get the cookies but someone will end up with goodies.

On my way home this particular day I stopped get a few things and browsed the baking aisle unable to decide on which delicious treat to make to soothe my rage!!! Am I being a little dramatic??  Perhaps, but I'm allowed right?  I knew for sure I wanted something chocolatey.

Cake, brownies, cookies, muffins, pie, or even pudding??? AHHHHHHH too many choices.  My indecisive nature mixed with my overwhelming desire to go home I purchased an arm full of options and sat them out on the island when I got home.

*Light Bulb* TRIFLE!!!  Thus my Triple Chocolate Inner Peace Trifle was born.  

I like to think Sandra Lee would be rather proud of me considering this bowl of delicious heaven was truly Semi Homemade.  That being said please not this recipe could EASILY be 100% homemade.

Chocolate Pudding
Cherry Pie Filling
White Chocolate Pudding
Whipped Topping

Triple Chocolate Inner Peace Trifle
1 Batch of Brownies (box mix or homemade)
1 Can Cherry Pie Filling
1 Container Whipped Topping (I get the large container to use the left overs a Oreo dip)
1 Box Chocolate Pudding Prepared (I use Half & Half instead of milk)
1 Box White Chocolate Pudding Prepared (I use Half & Half instead of milk)

Once all ingredients are prepared and set get yourself a nice big glass bowl. Really you could use any bowl but don't you want to see all the pretty layers?  For the best cleanest layers place the pudding and whipped topping in piping bags and pipe nice neat layers.  I didn't do this and was plenty happy with my results.  I am going to change the order of the layers for you then you will see in the picture since the white chocolate pudding kinda ran together with the whipped topping.

  1. Cut up half the brownies and layers them in the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Cover the brownies with the white chocolate pudding.
  3. Cover the pudding with the can of cherry pie filling.
  4. Cover the cherries with the second half of the brownies cut up
  5. Cover brownies with chocolate pudding.
  6. Cover pudding with whipped topping.
  7. Let sit over night (best made a day in advance)
  8. Enjoy!

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