Monday, January 9, 2012

Sad Day = Sad Post

Hi Lovelies,
I try to be very upbeat and for the most part am a happy person with a good life.  Sometimes though we all need some quiet time.  Anyone who knows me knows my animals are my life and while our dog has been missing less then 24 hours this is the longest she has been gone.  She hates rain and its cold and rainy with a chance of snow/sleet tonight.  Praying really hard she is somewhere safe and at least dry.  Positive thoughts from you would really help.
Love my spoiled stinky doggy 
I suppose this is a good day to bring up one of my many internet addictions (pinterest, facebook, etsy, oh geez I could go on).  Today is Post Secrets.  Some are funny, some are weird, some are just plan creepy, and some hit you right in the heart and all you can utter out is "I though I was alone."  I've never submitted any of my own secrets though I do plan on it.  I've always considered secrets to be a healthy thing in that they allow you to never be completely vulnerable to someone and "I've never told anyone" is much less hurtful then "I didn't feel I could trust you with this knowledge."

I'd choose my dog over anyone.  

Wouldn't that be lovely?   
Source  I promise a happier post tomorrow!        

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