Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Hope Your Valentines Day is...

 Evenin Loves,
Its a rainy mess today and what better to do then craft? (If you answered with anything other then bake or be awesome GET OFF MY BLOG...just kidding...sort of).  I've been making a lot of ribbon wreaths lately and finished one up for one of my favorite people.  I can't say who or what it looks like because it is a surprise but I thought I'd share my Valentines day wreath I made.

Just for some fun facts on me I despise Valentines day.  Not because of all the lovey dovey couple crap that we must endure for a good two weeks leading up to it; or even the ridiculous inflation on flowers, candies, and adorable teddy bears.  I despise it because it shouldn't take a holiday for you to treat the one you love.  That should be an everyday thing and remembering to buy candy once a year doesn't say love.

That being said  I love pink, red, and white and the delicious treats people make around the holiday so I long ago decided to start celebrating things I love on this day instead of people.  I show people love 365 (366 this year).

The wreath I made for Valentines this year is probably one of my favorites I've ever made.  I'm considering posting a how-to on these wreaths but haven't found the time yet.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Lucky Cupcake containing my new favorite bow.  It is the perfect accent to my new wreath!!

It's Jem!

...Truly Outrageous!!

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